Areas of Practice

Labor Laws

Labor law is a dynamic and fascinating field, which reflects, in real-time, social, economic and political developments. As a consequence of the firm's expertise in this area, it has become one of the leading shapers of case law in the field of labor law.

The firm's practice spans the full range of the matters entailed in individual and collective labor law, including the related subjects, such as public employees' rights, officers in government authorities (the President of the State, government ministers, Members of Knesset and judges), tenders, pensioners' rights from their place of work, disciplinary law, and employees’ rights during proceedings of privatization, winding-up and re-structuring.

The following may be found among the key judgments and main subjects in which the firm was involved:

Administrative and Public Law

The firm handles the filing of petitions to the High Court of Justice and to the administrative courts relating to various matters pertaining to the field of administrative and public law: the supervision of the labor courts by the High Court of Justice, the cessation of appointments and dismissals for political considerations, the Freedom of Information Law, environmental quality.

See, for example:

Communications and Media

The firm represents journalists and media entities in drawing up agreements and in litigation. Among other clients, the firm has represented the Israel Broadcasting Authority in various proceedings that were filed against it, various broadcasting entities, as well as Chaim Yavin (approval of the employment contract with the Israel Broadcasting Authority, in contrast to the position of the Association of Journalists and the petition filed by MK Poraz), Moshe Negbi, Rivka Michaeli, Motti Levy, Arnon Zuckerman, Eliezer Yaari, Edmond Saheik and Motti Kirschenbaum.

Higher Education

The firm served as the legal advisor to the Council of Higher Education, between 1998 - 2004. In this capacity, the firm provided professional legal support to the current operations of the plenary of the Council of Higher Education and its committees, with respect to Israeli institutions of higher education as well as with respect to overseas branches, and the firm handled matters for the Council of Higher Education and represented it in various legal proceedings that were filed against it, in the various legal instances.